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Six of the best Neighbourhood Restaurants
“‘…this place delivers phenomenal value and excellent, home cooking…'”

The Irish Times Restaurant List 2009 – Tom Doorley

Catherine Cleary, in The Irish Times, put her finger on the importance of local food specialists such as Kennedy’s of Fairview. A small, friendly restaurant, she wrote “feeds the longing to connect and belong”. Aha, so Kennedy’s feeds you once, and then feeds you twice: food for the body, and food for the (social) soul.

And Sarah Kennedy does all this at terrific prices: “not much more than a splurge at the local takeaway” wrote Ms Cleary, and this keen pricing is a vital element of what makes Kennedy’s such a local treasure. Leslie Williams was so impressed he reckoned every community needed a Kennedy’s. Aingeala Flannery in The Irish independent reckoned it was worth leaving your own neighborhood to eat in a neighborhood resturant like this. So, let’s start a campaign to make having Kennedy’s a constitutional right, but meantime let’s head upstairs to eat: pumpkin risotto with fried sage leaves; lemon sole with sautéed potatoes; rib-eye with bearnaise and their brilliant potato wedges; duck with Savoy cabbage. And on the way out, let’s buy dinner. Lucky Fairview.

– The Bridgestone Guides