Our Story

sk2e54dc5Sarah Kennedy (hi, that’s me!) started a food business in 2007. Where? The brilliant North City neighbourhood of Fairview. Kennedy’s Food Store is a Cafe, Deli and Catering service completely dedicated to creating interesting & healthy food. We produce all of our food in our own kitchens overseen by head chef Linda “Let’s make it great” Doyle with a big emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. Being part of a village is very important to us and we are really focused on delivering friendly & efficient service in a relaxed atmosphere…..the kind of place we like to spend time ourselves. One of the things I love is meeting all the various people who work and live in the local community. Our customer relationships have developed into friendships as we chat about the everyday challenges, beauties and surprises in our lives.

What started out as ground floor only “can you please sit on each other’s knees a bit, sorry about that” transformed when we opened upstairs in Fairview at the end of 2008 which gave us oodles more space for breakfast, the sacred scone and lunch.

In 2013, we got a brilliant opportunity to become a part of the Raheny community – another lovely bunch of people. At the Hilltop, nestled in the heart of a heaving residential community we are delighted to have received a big welcome from the locals.  Our new store offers top picks of fine food producers along with the basics of newspapers, milk and tea bags. And naturally, we have a busy kitchen at the Hilltop which dances to a similar home cooked beat as Fairview. Drop in for a natter, a cuppa and of course the sacred scone…….we’d love to see you….