About our coffee

Why is our coffee so deliciously ethical?

Our coffee is better for them, better for you and better for the planet:


Helps small farmers in developing countries organise co-operatives, accountable to members and guarantees a fair price and additional premium


Would you like to work in an environment with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides? Organic coffee is grown under a sustainable agricultural system free of GM foods. Better for farmers, better for you.

Rainforest Alliance

Protects ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them. Focuses on sustainability and giving access to a supply of high quality, responsibly produced goods.

Our Coffee Menu

Flat White€3.20
Oat Milk Capp/Latte/Flat White€3.30/€3.60
Almond Milk Capp/Latte/Flat White€3.30/€3.60
Coconut Milk Capp/Latte/Flat White€3.30/€3.60

Tea – €2.00
Organic Herbal Tea – €3.00

Take-away – €2.50

Note: Cold drinks and wine are also available